Ramp Sticker Registration

If you are paying for use of the East Blue Hill boat ramp using the QR code sign located on-site at the ramp please go directly to the “Pay Your Fees” page by clicking here: Click Here to Pay Ramp Fees. 

If you intend to leave a boat or vehicle at the ramp, it will require a sticker. These are issued annually. There are two steps required to receive these annual stickers and all watercraft stored at the village ramp must exhibit a current sticker:

Step 1: Complete and submit this online form to register for your boat ramp use sticker.


Summer address*



How many watercraft?

Please describe your watercraft to be left at the ramp for identification purposes (include color of craft):

Vehicle #1:
Model and Color of Vehicle
License Plate #

Vehicle #2:
Model and Color of Vehicle
License Plate #

If you plan to pull a canoe, kayak or dingy up on the lower short it will need a sticker which is clearly visible.

Please be advised that EBHVIA assumes no liability for any loss or damage of boats pulled up on the shore.

I agree to abide by current Ramp Rules.

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Step 2: Receiving and signing a “disclaimer” form.  You will receive a notification email that your boat ramp use sticker application has been received and a “disclaimer of liability” form will be mailed to you to sign and return in the provided self-addressed stamped envelope.

Step 3: Confirmation of receipt.  Once your signed form is received by the EBHVIA, you will receive an email notifying you that it is now time for you to pay the appropriate fee at this link: Click here to pay ramp fees

Step 4: Paying fees.  Once the EBHVIA has received confirmation of your payment, you will receive your boat ramp use sticker(s) in the mail at the address provided when you registered for your sticker (in step one). To pay your fees once you have received confirmation the EBHVIA has received of the signed “disclaimer of liability” form Click here.

Your sticker/s will be issued once we have received your online form, signed and mailed form, and the appropriate fees are paid.

Click here if you would rather print the fee payment form and pay by check.

Questions? Contact us.