founders-hall-fundraiser-sign-colorGive to the East Blue Hill Village Association and Founders Hall

The East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association carries out its mission with the generous volunteer and financial support of its members.  Each year, the families of the village support and participate in painting, landscaping, holiday preparations, clean-ups, fund-raisers, boat ramp maintenance, and park repairs.  The VIA also funds memorial observances, maintains multiple facilities, and provides scholarships and stipends to village graduates, youth heading to summer camps, and the faithful employees of our post office and library.  Some of this is funded from our dues, but much more of this is made possible with the generous support of the residents and friends of East Blue Hill village.  This website is the result of one such donation, for instance, and there are many many more examples of how we put your giving to work.  Please consider a gift to the village to keep our community strong, growing and connected.

A donation to the East Blue Hill Improvement Association helps us maintain our village properties and grounds, hold community events and ensure the continuation of the Post Office services in our village.

A donation to the new Founders Hall (formerly the village Baptist Church) helps us maintain this new venue for public events and to upgrade the facility for more diverse activities and audiences.  Over recent years, the VIA decided to prioritize Founders Hall in our development campaigns to ensure that we keep the doors of this facility open for village residents and friends throughout the months to come.  Your help in the past has been generously applied to upgrades to the facility.  Founders Hall is more popular than ever.  Thank you for helping us continue to improve this important venue.

Thank you for your support!

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