Dues and Fees

East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association Dues (EBHVIA):

Our village relies on the financial support and generosity of our year-round residents and seasonal visitors. Our annual fees for the EBHVIA are per household and due each year in May.  Now you can pay these fees on line!  We use PayPal to process credit cards. Neither the EBHVIA nor the EBHLA have access to your personal or financial information. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use these services or to pay the fees below.  Thank you!

East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association Dues: $15.00 per year

East Blue Hill Boat Ramp Use Fees

The EBHVIA also maintains a boat ramp for individuals to use to access the beautiful waters of our bay.  The ramp area is one of the gems of the community, but it is also expensive to maintain.  Please ensure that you have read the rules and regulations regarding use of the boat ramp and follow the steps below to ensure you receive the annual use permit sticker.

Annual FEES for Residents and Non-Residents*

*The village boundary is defined as “Friends Corner” east to the Surry line on Morgan Bay Road.

Annual fees for residents of East Blue Hill Village:

Approved Commercial use for fisherman & dinghy $50.00
Recreational User for EACH dinghy/kayak $15.00 per boat
Residents who use the ramp during season to access a moored boat $15.00
Outhaul fee (includes dinghy) $25.00

Annual fees for non-residents of East Blue Hill Village:

Approved commercial fisherman and dinghy $150.00
Recreational user for EACH dinghy/kayak $50.00 per boat
Non-residents that use ramp to access moored boat during season $50.00
Day Use $5.00
Outhaul fee (includes dinghy) $100.00


Steps before paying your boat ramp fee: 

Step 1: Ensure that you have applied for a use permit sticker. Click here to apply.

Step 2: Sign and return a “disclaimer of liability” form that will be mailed to you after you apply for the use permit sticker

Step 3: Confirm receipt of an email from EBHVIA notifying you that they have received your signed form and that it is now time for you to pay the appropriate annual fee.

After these steps are complete you can pay the appropriate fee below. Thanks for your patience! A sticker will soon be mailed to you!

Annual Fees for Residents

Annual Fees for Non-Residents