Welcome to the Village

Over the years, East Blue Hill, Maine has been home to many families. We’ve built homes, raised children, farmed the land and sailed its waters.  This is a village that is rich in local history and talent, founded by fishermen, ship builders, carpenters, home builders, industrious woodsmen and stone cutters, healers, artists, merchants and farmers and their families. Today, equally hardworking and skilled people are drawn to the beauty and sense of community that the village offers its families, be they full-time or part-time residents.

These pages are available to residents and visitors alike to provide information on events, community governance, and opportunities in East Blue Hill, Maine. Participate, contribute, visit.  Welcome to the Village.


Founders Hall Painting – Work Party
Come to Founders Hall on Saturday, June 3rd to add your talents and muscle to those assembled to paint the interior walls of our community center.  Fun starts at 8a and lasts until 2p, or so. Come when you can, though, and bring your brushes, bibs, and whatever painting supplies you have to share.  We’ll bring the paint.  Call Jeff Milliken at 207-374-2132 for more details.

Community Gathering: Potluck and Grill
Start the Summer with good food among neighbors and friends.  Come to Founders Hall on Sunday 28 May (Memorial Day Weekend) at 6pm. Contact Lucy 374 2251, 266 5250, lucybenjamin@gwi.net or Karen 374 2132, 2661887 millikenk@gmail.com for more details.

Book Reviews from The East Blue Hill Library
Every month or so, the East Blue Hill Library will be posting short reviews of topical books from their collection.  Find these helpful reviews under our Library tab in the header above and find these and other books in the stacks at the East Blue Hill Library!